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Working to eradicate sexual violence

Sent to students, faculty, and staff early this week:

Dear Patriot:

I know that the last few days and weeks have been difficult for survivors of sexual assault as well as their families and friends. Last week, I asked if our Student Service and Title IX reporting units have seen an increase in survivors coming forward who are in need of support, or who want to make a report or connect with campus and community resources. In all instances, they have.

As a university committed to education and prevention, we are aware of the impact of sexual violence on victims of assault. But we have also witnessed the strength of survivors and their commitment to powerfully move institutions forward in their prevention and response efforts. Together we’ve worked to build awareness, establish services, strengthen protocols, and expand training.

Our goal to eradicate sexual violence at Mason remains firm. Last week, many of you participated in our annual Take Back the Night Rally Against Sexual Violence. Next week, students will come together for Chapter Next: Ending Sexual Violence (formerly Fear 2 Freedom), where they can take the pledge to end sexual violence and participate in education and service activities. These events, among so many others that occur throughout the year, are meant to both shine a spotlight on sexual violence and, more importantly, acknowledge the courage, power, pain, and most of all, the continued resilience of those who have experienced sexual assault.

I do hope that if you or someone you know is in need of assistance, confidential support, or would like to report an incident of sexual assault, that you remember the resources available to you. Reach out to your roommates, friends, and family as only you can choose and decide, but remember that you can also reach out to us. The resources available are listed below.


Counseling and Psychological Services, 703-993-2380,

Office of Student Conduct, 703-993-6209,

Student Support and Advocacy Center, 703-993-3686,

Title IX Office, Compliance, Diversity and Ethics, 703-993-8730,

University Police and Public Safety, 703-993-2810,