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Okay, parents. I get it now.

For years, from all over Virginia, the United States and the world, you have sent your children off to George Mason. You’ve fretted about them leaving home. You’ve wondered how they will adapt to college. You’ve fumbled to find that sweet spot between the pride of their accomplishments and potential and the gut punch of seeing them walk out the door.

I’m with you. We’re experiencing that now, with our eldest child having just gone off to school. I have a whole new perspective on what thousands of parents of Mason freshmen do every year, and I know it’s not easy.

I’d like to share with you a blog post that my wife wrote about our nest emptying by one member. I couldn’t have said it any better.

I look forward to meeting our freshman class and their families later this month and learning how they are processing their own journeys.  From a new college parent to another: Welcome to Mason!