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Why open borders are crucial for innovation

Washington Post op-ed:

American innovation has been the envy of the world for the last century. Our ability to discover scientific breakthroughs, invent disruptive technologies and build successful companies that make those advances broadly available has been unparalleled. This creativity is the product of a culture that is uniquely open to new ideas, that encourages and rewards risk taking, that values people for what they achieve, not where they come from. It is also the result of a constant supply of talented people from outside the United States, many of whom came to this country seeking world-class education and an open society where they could thrive.

That is why our public universities have overwhelmingly spoken up against the recent travel bans President Trump issued through executive order. While changes in immigration policy may very well be necessary, any moves that create additional barriers to the free flow of business and educational exchange threaten to erode our economic advantage and negatively impact our future.

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