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Thank you, Senator Colgan

Virginia’s current and past governors and dozens of leaders in business, government, and civic organizations gathered on September 25 in the Hylton Center (Science and Technology Campus) to wish Senator Chuck Colgan happy birthday, celebrate his coming retirement, and thank him for four decades of exemplary service to the Commonwealth.

I had the honor to speak at the event on behalf of Virginia higher education (fast forward to 21:50). I noted that few people have done more than Senator Colgan to provide funding for Virginia’s universities. And no one comes close in advocating for George Mason University.

Budget amendments introduced by Colgan have provided $616M in investments for George Mason University, $271M for Northern Virginia Community College, and $363M for other universities. That adds up to a non inflation-adjusted total of about $1.25 billion!

The reason Virginia has the world-renowned universities it has is because individuals like Chuck Colgan have relentlessly worked to ensure they had the resources they needed. Congratulations Senator Colgan, and thank you!