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Racism has no place at George Mason University

Dear Patriots,

Racism has no place at George Mason University.

We are not isolated from race-related incidents occurring across the nation. Just last evening, a racially offensive image was found in one of our residence halls. The image was demeaning, dehumanizing, and unfit for our community. University authorities are investigating this incident.

But the work of our community must go beyond dealing with specific incidents. It is everyone’s responsibility to create and sustain an environment that affirms and supports every member of this community so that we can thrive together.

That students of color are speaking up, speaking out, and raising serious concerns on their campuses underscores the continued need for dialogue followed by action.

Students, faculty, and staff at George Mason University are expressing similar concerns as conversations about campus climate, classroom environment, cultural competence, and recruitment and retention of faculty and staff of color are on the minds of many.

These dialogues are important to have. I don’t expect they will be easy, but we will create a stronger campus community by having them and taking action as a result. I am working with my leadership team to develop a series of dialogues to inform appropriate policies and actions.

I encourage you to actively engage in this work.

Ángel Cabrera

To report incidents: Bias incidents form or a crime call (703) 993-2810. 

2 replies on “Racism has no place at George Mason University”

George Mason University is at a pivotal point in its history. To be viewed as a leader in education, we must never treat any members of our community in an unacceptable manner. We are a leader in student diversity but, with this achievement comes a responsibility.
I believe that this responsibility to our students and staff will be achieved when our faculty is representative of all diverse groups on our campus. When we recognize and cultivate the benefits of a diverse student body and faculty, the learning environment becomes a place where students are unified.

One of the reasons I am happy to work at Mason is due to its racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. I believe all members of the university community benefit from a broad base of heterogeneous ideas that we bring to one another from different corners of our culture and the world. Taking into consideration the views of others helps us to exercise our own empathy and discernment, and prompts the creative imagination to solve problems and express our shared humanity (in the Arts, for instance!). Joy!

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