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Join the Global Elite

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.02.07 PMMy article “Join the Global Elite” with Gregory Unruh appears in the May edition of the Harvard Business Review.  It draws from our book “Being Global: How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World” published by HBR last year.

Our central argument is that global leaders are made, not born, and that anyone can work to become one.  Global leaders are people who engage effectively with individuals and organizations from various cultural settings and who succeed at bringing together people and resources from different cultural settings to craft solutions and create value that could not be created separately.

These individuals tend to share a number of characteristics, most of which are acquired.  In short, they exhibit an extraordinary global mindset, entrepreneurial skills and citizenship values.  These skills allow them to connect with others, create solutions and contribute to others.