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Top workplace 2014

I’ve always felt that George Mason University is not just a great place to go to school, but also a great place to go to work. I’m delighted that the word is spreadinh!

The Washington Post has selected George Mason as a Top Workplace in the National Capital Region (and the only university in the top 20!). This recognition belongs to every faculty and staff member of our community because it is each of them who every day makes our university a special place for every one else to work, grow and have an impact.

Why is Mason a great place to work? Last year we spent time diving into our culture, asking what makes this university successful.  The result was a set of seven beliefs or values.  I am pretty sure these seven values are also the big reason why we are considered a great place to work:

Our Students Come First
We take great pride in serving our students and helping them grow as individuals, scholars and professionals. A shared sense of purpose is a hallmark of any great organization, and we definitely have it.

Diversity Is Our Strength
We include and embrace a multitude of people and ideas in everything we do, not because of a sense of moral obligation, but because of a genuine belief that diversity makes us better at what we do. Because we embrace diversity, everyone, no matter their background, can make of Mason their successful professional home.

Innovation Is Our Tradition
We are a young university that prides itself of not following someone else’s path, but blazing its own.  Whether by creating new programs and learning experiences for our students or by engaging in new research journeys with great impact, we strive to find new and better ways to deliver on our mission and know very well that great ideas can come from everyone.

We Honor Freedom of Thought and Expression
Innovative learning and scholarship requires thinkers and leaders who are free to pursue their ideas and conduct research that makes our university and our world a better place. That’s why we zealously protect the freedom of all members of our community to seek truth and express their views.

We are Careful Stewards
The university where we work is an invaluable asset that has been built by many to serve generations to come. We use precious resources from tax payers, families, and a myriad of organizations to do what we do. We owe it to everyone to use these resources responsibly and sustainably. 

We Act with Integrity
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards as educators, scholars, students and professionals.

We Thrive Together
At Mason we try to nurture a positive and collaborative environment that contributes to the well-being and success of every member. We try to offer programs that support our employees: from tuition waivers, to flexible work options, professional and leadership development, executive coaching, or volunteer service leave.  But most importantly, we recognize that our success is shared and it is our responsibility to help one another succeed.

Big thanks to the Washington Post for this recognition.  And thanks to each one of my colleagues for their commitment to our university.  Our rewarding and enriching environment is created and sustained by each of you.  Congratulations on a job well done!