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A college degree, the surest path towards a good job

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Before you rush into getting your welder’s certificate, don’t rule out going to college quite yet.

There are clearly many attractive technical careers that can serve you well.  In some cases they may even do you more good than a college degree.  Statistically though, the odds favor the more educated.

Data on this topic abound. Consider the attached graph, just released by Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workplace.  Underemployment rates (a measure of unemployment among those willing to work or part-time employment among those desiring a full-time job), are consistently lower for people with advanced degrees than for people without them.

Also, according to the same report, “as education levels rise, racial differences in underemployment decline”. The higher the education attainment, the smaller the impact your ethnic background is likely to have on your employment success.

If you have the opportunity to go to college, why take the gamble?